An Epic Triumph

by Memory In Plant

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released August 30, 2014


Written and Composed by Memory In Plant

Cover Art by Sarai Darmon

Tambourine (This Love): Haim Hamou
Additional Vocals (Shame On Me): Yuval Shenhar
Opera Singer (Rainy Veins): Chen Israeli
"Thank You and Good Night" Choir (Rainy Veins): Yuval Shenhar, Liron Itzkovich, Ofer Hauptman, Omri Weiss, Doron Beck, Roy Stolero, Inbar Hibner, Ravid Takhman, Adi Takhman and David Mayer.
Additional Bass (Any Dancing): Omri Weiss

Performed, Mixed and Mastered by Memory In Plant

This album uses sounds from freesound,
for the full list see here:




all rights reserved


Memory In Plant Tel Aviv, Israel

Memory In Plant is an unsigned six legged band formed in 2013 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Our sounds consist with extreme layers music.

Memory in Plant are:
Yehiel Hamou, Chen Firsel and Imri Cohen.

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Track Name: Memory Implant
This is no place
To judge or to ponder
And I wonder
If you're still breathing
As I cover
Your face
With fresh dirt and oil
As I plant my memory
Track Name: This Love
Another day ends
Before you give birth
To this love
Like a Ballerina in a Death's Head
You make me scared

An epic triumph
Of an old queen
On her broken stool
Will bring an end to
This love

Another day ends
And I feel
I should warn you

A tide is coming
To sweep your love
All over
A tide is coming now
Track Name: Shame On Me
It slipped right from my hands
When I tried to understand
What my eyes saw
And my mind won't forget

Shame on me for these thousand words
Slipping beneath such a high bridge
Just letting you know

Painted in grey
Giving up without a fight
Doomed to be the one
Who never got to the start

Guilty as charged
Take me to my cell
It's this time again
To turn off my brain
Track Name: Eyes Up
Your hair is on my knees
Eyes up
Eyes up
Is this OK?
Do you like my tricks?

My darling
The bed is made
What other dead rabbits do you have
Down your sleeves?
Track Name: Rainy Veins
Another daydream drained my heart and mind
I must go now towards the endless time

I've left all of that behind
(Another train of thoughts
And you're tied to the rail)

Pull me back in and I won't
Drag you to the ground

I can see these lights
(Blinding me)
To all my friends and enemies
Before the rainy veins are black

A triangle heart says its last words

Thank you
And good night
Track Name: Any Dancing
A lot of nothing
Same but different
Right or wrong
There is no answer

This time
The ending is not so
Far away for
Any dancing girl
On her fresh grave